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Provence is an extraordinary romantic and delicate style. It is a wonderful blend of simplicity and grace. Provence is the region in France famous for the lavender fields and vineyards, besides, it is the country of troubadours who lived there ages ago. These men, the first poets and musicians, who devoted their lives to lyricize the beauty of a woman when it was forbidden by the Catholic church, performed their songs under the windows of their fair ladies. Provence style is named after this legendary country.

Main features:
The distinct colors of this style are gentle muted shades. Light lilac, pink, beige, terracotta, gray and, of course, white color comprise the unique palette of Provence style. This style has not a tittle of pretentiousness or pompousness - only tranquility, only simplicity. It is a pastoral dream, return to the countryside, escape from daily vanity and the rush of the megalopolis. It is wonderful to celebrate the wedding in the place imbued with magic, exciting aroma of the countryside. Even if the wedding is held in the city, try to keep it as simple as possible to emphasize the relaxed rhythm of provincial life.

A wedding gown of the bride who opted for the Provence wedding shall not be puffy.  It is better to choose a light romantic dress, complemented with a small delicate bouquet of wild flowers.
Though you are not limited to wild flowers only, nevertheless make sure they match the general style, do not choose flowers of bright strident colors. The best flower choice for a Provence bouquet as well as he wedding hall and table decoration of will be: lavender, pastel roses, cornflowers, lilies of the valley, baby s breath and chamomiles. The best time for a wedding in gentle Provence style is a warm season, when you can make an open-air ceremony and wedding party.

The wedding hall should be decorated in gentle, easy, weightless style. Pick up the tablecloths and napkins of complementary color, giving the preference to natural soft fabrics. The drapery of the hall also has to match the general idea of the wedding. Put the vases with small cream roses and lavender throughout the place, keeping the decoration of the tables and the wedding hall minimal. Provence is a style of lightness, airiness, even weightlessness - therefore you should not overload the wedding with food. It is better to prepare simple, but refined French haute cuisine dishes, or make a culinary assortment of traditional French Provence dishes – it will be absolutely magnificent. The food shall be spiced with various herbs, that will create the delicious divine flavor. White and red wines, which are so popular in this region, shall be poured in simple glass carafes. And of course, make sure you prepare the selection of easy, cheerful French music to accompany your wedding party - it will add a note of charm and elegance to your celebration.

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