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How to pick up a boutonniere?

A boutonniere for the groom suit Ц what is the best way to select the right one? How should it look like? What accessories can be added? What decorative elements will match it?
A boutonniere is a single flower or a posy which is put into a buttonhole of the groom jacket. Though the boutonniere is not an obligatory wedding element as, for example, a wedding gown or a bridal bouquet, but rather an interesting and stylish accessory when properly matched. The boutonniere dates back to the far antiquity, Greece and Rome youngsters decorated their togas with branches of flowers. At that epoch it was a common assumption that the groom should pick up a bouquet, while the bride should select a boutonniere, though the latter had not even acquired its name yet. 
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that time, modern newlyweds are unlikely to select the wedding flowers without seeing them Ц nowadays all wedding details should match each other and represent a distinct style.

A boutonniere in a buttonhole of jacket should match the colour scheme of a groom suit and go together with a bridal bouquet. If the groom inserts a single flower into a pocket, usually this flower is taken from a bridal bouquet or a spare flower is bought in advance together with the bouquet. If  you want to make a flower composition, it is better to resort to the professional florist services. If you want to do it yourself, take you time to practice and watch the successful results Ц you will have more chances to avoid the failure. 

The additional elements to decorate a boutonniere are: ribbons, beads, feathers, in other words, any accessories, that will help to match the wedding gown and the groom suit.  To make all accessories perceived as a whole and complement your image as a couple, you should choose them with great taste and consideration.  
If a single-stem flower in the goom suit is entwined with an elegant satin ribbon, this ribbon should be repeated on the wedding dress, or at least it should be of the same colour as the wedding dress. If you use the decorative beads to embellish the buttonhole, they shall be also applied whether on the wedding gown, or the bridal hair accessories or in additional accents. Thus, your image of a beautiful harmonious couple will be complete. 

It is a challenge to pick up the well-matched elements without the professional help of the stylist or the florist. If you do it alone,  browse through the web to see successful examples of boutonnieres decorated,  study the tutorials on how the image of bride and groom shall be developed and matched, and practice it in advance.

Not only the groom suit can be decorated with a boutonniere, his friends may as well take advantage of this ideal. They will be wearing suits different to that of the groom, but it would be wonderful if their suits are similar in colour and style. If they put the boutonnieres identical to that of the groom, this tiny but strong accent will bind this group of well-dressed young men. Such wedding will have a stylish look. After the wedding you can put a boutonniere for other events unless it is made of fresh flowers! It will be the turn of a young wife to select hair accessories and the colour of the dress and  match them with the boutonniere of her husband. 

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