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Vintage-inspired Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

If you are planning the wedding of your dream Ц WeddingSoon design studio launches wedding cards, that conquer the world of wedding stationery - Laser Cut Wedding Invitations.

WeddingSoon is happy to introduce the wedding invitations produced by the method of laser cutting. This innovative technology becomes more and more applicable among producers and designers of wedding stationery. We are also enthused by the beauty and exceptional quality of these cards.

What makes Laser Cut stationery so trendy? The method of laser cutting is valued, first of all, for its high precision of cutting, that allows the manufacturers to convey the tiniest details of patterns; another remarkable advantage is that the material rests physically intact, thus no deformation is possible.

Note: the laser cutting method is based on the ability of high-powered laser to melt, burn or evaporate the material. Thus, the word cut refers to the result, not the process. Computer-controlled focused laser beam cuts without damage to the surface and the adjacent area Ц finishing works are not required.

The manufacturers of wedding stationery are positive to introduce the laser cut technology in their operations. They are confident of a high-quality product. WeddingSoon designers value this method for its outstanding precision in creating the most intricate and fine motifs and ornaments. This technology gives us the opportunity to design something sensational we could not even dream about earlier Ц filigree paper lacework!

Three new laser cut wedding invitations (Ivory Laser Cut, Tiffany Laser Cut and Coral Laser cut) were included in our collection of Vintage wedding cards. Don"t be surprised  - the laser cut lace pattern is easily associated with the vintage theme. It has so true-to-nature look, that you can even take it for the real lace! White laser-cut wrap is outlined with the shimmering insert of subtle pastel color (muted coral pink, iridescent ivory, watercolor teal). The card is tied with a satin ribbon of matching color. These wedding invitations bear subtle vintage ambiance that makes them a perfect accent to your vintage wedding.

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