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Love Bird Wedding theme is a red hot trend among newlyweds. This theme brings a feeling of closeness and companionship like the image of two united forever love birds, perched in a tree, enjoying life and singing songs of love for all to hear.

The idea is quite symbolic: doves represent the loving couple, their affection and commitment and nest stands for the creation of new home, peace and safety. What can be more tender than sweet birds or more vulnerable but cozy at the same time than birds nest? When we see a couple in love, we say look at those two love birds. Remember all those fairytales from our childhood: while prince and princess struggle with obstacles on their way to a true love, they are constantly being watched by a couple of love birds. They evoke a feeling that they were together for a long time, they are now and always be in the future. They become a symbol of partners for life like some supernatural everlasting power watching over all loving couples.

Use these symbols to create splendid traditional wedding style. Usage of elegant grey, tender yellow and traditional white will help to set a romantic mood. Love Bird theme is both sweet and simple. It is definitely your choice if you love nature or just a fan of sweet tiny birds. You can have a lot of fun planning Love Birds wedding. Of course, details are always crucial, but Love Bird wedding require special attention to them. Think about what you can add to make this special day more unique and memorable.

The greatest thing about Love Bird themed wedding is that there are tons of sweet ideas to prepare your dream wedding. Cute wedding invitations, cake toppers in the form of doves, location décor, candles in bird cages, bird card holders, groomsmens bird boutonnieres, nests all over the place and many other things can reflect this romantic theme. The ideas are limitless!

Wedding invitation set the mood of all wedding, so, you would probably want to start with choosing which invitation will give a best impression. So, dont hesitate and go ahead!

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