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     What is vintage wedding? Why vintage weddings are so popular in Europe? Lets try to sort these things out. In recent years many couples all over the world choose vintage style as a main motive in their wedding ceremonies. It suites newlyweds who value pomposity and romance of wedding ceremony. Vintage wedding is a ceremony with elements of antiquity and old fashion trends in decoration.
      Technically all old thing old pictures, cut-glass vases and glasses, old fashioned suitcases, furniture, clocks, lacework, keys or cages for birds - can be used to revive warm memories of childhood and elegance of past times. So, use those retro elements and your sophisticated taste to create vintage wedding of your dream.
      Vintage atmosphere can be created by such elements of decoration as lacework, semi-transparent fabric or strings of pearl beads. Even wedding cake and tiny cupcakes can be decorated with them, that way your dessert will look elegant and airy.

      One of the first things you should take care during wedding organization is wedding invitation. They will not only inform your friends and relatives about time and location of the wedding, but also create necessary merry mood. Lacework, pearl brooches, rhinestones, light ribbons and bow-knots will help to create perfect vintage wedding invitations.

      Another important thing is vintage scenery. Rent a retro car on your wedding, it will bring an atmosphere of old days and will look gorgeous on your pictures. Find some old stuff on attic or old closet. Every family usually keeps some things from old days like books, chandeliers, suitcases, vintage cameras, tables or cabinets. All those things can be used as decorations for vintage wedding.

      Moreover, if you are super lucky you can even find real retro wedding dress! Just imagine: you are walking down the aisle in your grandmothers or mothers dress! If you decided to buy or order vintage design wedding dress, choose simple cutout garment with rich abundant lacework, complex patterns and pearlescent bead embroidery. Laced gloves and vintage hand-held fan will complete your romantic vintage image..

      As for the groom outfit, you can use vintage style taxido and add cute boutonniere, which can be made of elegant old key, antique brooch, pendant with photo or even vintage watch. Bridegroom and his friends in bow-ties will look gorgeous and with the allure of royal style.

      Nowadays there are plenty of restaurants and banquet hall in vintage style, so you can choose one of them for your wedding and add some decorations peculiar for your wedding. Another great choice for vintage location is a country mansion or huge outdoor pavilion. Decorate the location with white fabric, cut-glass vases with flowers, laced tablecloths; add some light jazz music and fresh clean air and country peace will do the rest!

      Brooches are irreplaceable elements of vintage style. Use them on invitations, dresses, flower compositions, table decorations or brides bouquet.

      Vintage style is unique, because it can be bright and glamorous or conversely soft and unobtrusive. But it is always gentle. Just do not forget to pay a special attention to the details like music, wedding table, cake, invitations or glass-ware, everything should correspond with the chosen time and place.

      Dont forget to dress your friends and relatives properly: you can tactfully hint the necessary dress code in the invitations or prepare stylish vintage accessories for your guests yourself. Dont hesitate to use your imagination and style to create a perfect vintage wedding youve always dreamed about.

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