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Getting prepared for the wedding you will definitely have to decide what type of wedding reception you want. Should it be a formal reception followed by a dinner at one big table, or you would rather prefer a number of small ones. It has to be the official banquet with all guests at one long table or many small tables? Or you want to create an informal laidback atmosphere where your guests can walk around and socialize? In this case you would better opt for a buffet.

The approaches to organizing these two types of wedding reception are different:

Sit-down dinner

Х A sit-down dinner features one long wedding table or, in its modern interpretation, a number of small round or square tables.

Х The specific feature of this event is that each guest has a fixed place. The guests placing is planned in advance and shown on the seating plan. Besides do not forget to put a small place card with the guest name to indicate his seat. Your guests will appreciate such consideration.

Х Meals for a sit-down dinner do not necessarily comprise hot dishes, meat, fish, light meals, salads, or plated meat, fish and vegetables. Usually hot meals and salads are served each person.

Х Decorating a sit-down dinner means to put an accent on the wedding table. You have vast variety of decor options: tablecloths, napkins and doilies, floral centerpieces and smaller accessories as table numbers, place cards, favor boxes Ц all these details are there to add to your style and ambiance.

Х Drinks served can be bottled or poured in stylish crystal decanters. The guests treat themselves with the drink, unless you engage the waitpersons to fill in the glasses to emphasize the formal status of your reception, it is costly but classy.

Х Make sure you found the appropriate venue with a spacious hall to host your wedding reception. Remember that alongside with the table tables, the wedding hall shall provide for a dance floor.

Х The wedding host has a prime value for a sit-down dinner, he keeps the festive mood of your guests. The host should be flexible and tactful at the same time Ц keeping his finger on the pulse of guests socializing, he should feel when not to intervene a natural flow of the party. He keeps an eye on the course of events Ц when it is time for dancing, when it is time for toasting, when the waitpersons can change the meals without disturbing guests.

Х A classic multi-tier wedding cake is the most common option for a sit-down dinner, though classic does not mean plain. Unique design wedding cake will create a sensation among your guests and match the wedding table decor.


Х Buffet reception does not require a table for all guests. The invitees are free to walk around communicating with each other. The best place to make a buffet reception is a garden, lawn or country-house.

Х Buffet meals shall include tartlets, canapes, sandwiches, small portion dishes that can be eaten in two-three bites.

Х Drinks are served in glasses, placed so that the guests can take them have to be poured in glasses in advance.

Х Tables for food and drinks should be high enough for guests convenience, because it is very awkward to bend over in order to take food.

Х The wedding hall or the lawn are the focus for the decorators, not the tables.

Х The wedding host should not persist in entertaining guests Ц since the main idea of the a buffet is informal communication, he should rather ensure the change of courses, filling the glasses etc. 

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