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To make your wedding party in style inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie is an extraordinary idea. Write your scenario, design and make characters costumes Ц and you will get an unforgettable wedding of the girl captured by the pirate and fallen in love with him. If you are young and have the adventurer s spirit, if you do not want to follow the beaten path of traditional wedding - the pirate party is for you. It gives boundless opportunities to express your creativeness.

To pick up pirate costumes will not be a problem Ц the simplest way is to buy or take them on hire in a costume shop. You can always address the wedding/event planning agency, and they will organize any wedding you wish. But we believe you are creative enough to cope with this challenge Ц let your imagination be the author of your special day. You know where to get the costumes, but your guests should be properly dressed. Surely you will find among them cheerful and easy-going enthusiasts, ready to support your idea, no doubts there will be at least a couple of  skeptics. Those being skeptic and even reluctant are usually parents and elder relatives. Though another advantage of the pirate scenario Ц you never know who will show himself as an inborn actor. Do not be surprised if your grandpa will be the best Captain Hook! But generally you should prepare in advance several pirate caps, guns, sabers and other simple pirate accessories for less involved guests - they may put these accents on any dress/suit, thus slightly approaching the subject.

Wedding host
The wedding host is a key instrument to a successful wedding. This person should be bright, smooth-talking, able to hold the audience attention and to cheer them up to make the party rolling. It is true for the host of any wedding, but especially for the pirate one! You are looking for an extraordinary person ready to improvise and experiment. It is better to engage the professional with experience of costume events hosting, even if he has never dealt with the pirate wedding. Before giving him this job you can always ask him to show the portfolio with his previous events recorded Ц to ensure this host is the one you need. 

Wedding hall
The wedding hall decoration should reflect your wedding theme. Discuss the pirate decor in advance with your wedding planner: ask him to come with some fresh ideas and tips, share yours - together it will be easier to elaborate the complete concept. You may opt for wedding location in a seafood restaurant or any ocean-themed venue Ц half of the decorations are already there! If this option is not available Ц a main wheel, fishing nets, a treasure chest and mast drawings will turn any wedding hall into the pirate ship. Of course, the parrot should not be forgotten, a picture or even a toy will be good.

The pirate menu shall contain both meat and fish dishes combined. Drinks can be served in old style dusty bottles made of thick green glass. Even your wedding cake can be ship-shaped.
Be courageous and creative, and you will get the most cheerful and  unforgettable wedding!

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