Silver Satin ribbon 10mm x 50m - WeddingSOON

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Silver Satin ribbon 10mm x 50m - WeddingSOON

Silver ribbon 10mm x 50m
Item 6117
A timeless classic double sided ribbon offered in a wide spectrum of colours to suit every occasion. Available as 50m rolls in four popular widths - 3mm, 6.5mm, 10mm and 16mm.
Size: 10mm x 50m
Weight: 300 g
In stock: 100 pcs
Price: 0
Silver Satin ribbon 10mm x 50m

Ribbons & Sashes Silver satin 3mm x 50m /uploads/thumb/Silver_Satin_ribbon_3mm-x-50m.jpg Price: 6.5
Satin ribbon 6.5mm x 50m Silver ribbon 6.5mm x 50m /uploads/thumb/Silver_Satin_ribbon_3mm-x-50m.jpg Price: 6.76
Satin ribbon 16mm x 50m Silver ribbon 16mm x 50m /uploads/thumb/Silver_Satin_ribbon_3mm-x-50m.jpg Price: 10.78
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