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Virginia Luxury Wedding Stationery UK

~ Scroll Wedding Invitations UK

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Vintage Lace Blush
Vintage Wedding Invitations
Price: 3.15
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White Scroll
White Scroll Invitations
Price: 3.45
Splendida Silver
Glitter Silver Invitations
Price: 3.75
Splendida Gold
Glitter Laser Cut Invitations
Price: 3.75
Splendida Rose Gold
Glitter Rose Gold Invitations
Price: 3.75
Splendida Gold & Mint
Gold & Mint Invitations
Price: 3.75

Luxury Wedding Invitations & Stationery by Weddingsoon UK

Following the latest trends and the wish demanding clients, WeddingSoon is a collection of luxury wedding invitations, which emphasize the importance of the upcoming event.
Wedding WeddingSoon TM office is elegant, miniature works of art that perfectly capture the spirit of high expectation and luxury holiday in every detail. The collection includes pocketfolds and multi-layered wedding invitation cards - all of them are decorated with high quality rhinestone embellishments and brooches. 
WeddingSoon offers original designs that feature special papers and refined printing technologies such as foil print, particial varnish and embossing. Satin and organza ribbons give the invitations volume and unique charm.


Luxury Wedding Invitation Cards UK


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