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After wedding, the newlyweds normally send thank-you cards thanking the guests for their attendance, attention and presents. Wedding is a holiday, which is easy and pleasant to share with others. Souvenirs, cards and gifts are the way to communicate with your guests. Your wedding will be talked of for a long time afterwards, with impressions exchanged and photos shown to children.
One of the new traditions is sending disks with wedding ceremony videos to guests after the event. These are placed into a nice envelope with the date of the wedding and the newlyweds’ names on it – this special present is always met enthusiastically.
To make your guests feel your warmth and gratitude show them small courtesy signs: give them a small souvenir – a bonbonierre, a piece of pastry or cake in an original box or anything similarly likeable, charming and pleasant to the eye. You can put into the bonbonierre an odd number of frosted almonds or tinfoil-wrapped chocolates or sometimes mints. 
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