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WeddingSoon offers a wide range of personalised wedding cards for weddings. Here is a classic scheme of how personalised cards could be arranged:

An invitation, an envelope with a response (R.S.V.P.) card and an address card, if needed, are placed into outer envelope. Inside envelopes are not sealed and placed with their face pointing to the opening. Postal stamps must be put on the small envelope with the return card to facilitate receipt of the response. The stamps may also be put inside the envelope.

It is remarkable but the success of such romantic and exciting event as your wedding almost completely depends on how good it was planned and arranged. It might be useful if you are assisted by a master of wedding ceremonies – he or she will initiate you into all the fine details of the wedding art. However, if you intend to deal with that yourself, we advise you to familiarise yourself with fundamentals of the wedding etiquette and read our WEDDING PLANNER.

We assure you that waiting for and looking forward to this fine event can be as pleasant as the event itself!

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